Need to Report a NDA Breach?

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Please report any NDA breaches with a support ticket so that we can take any appropriate actions

If you cannot raise a ticket for any reason, please inform one of the Forum moderators via DM.

Breaking NDA can result in one or more of the following:

  1. Permanent Removal From the pioneer programme
  2. Content/Stream being taken/shut down
  3. Strike against your YouTube/Twitch/Mixer account
  4. Legal Action

Here is the information on the NDA and some links:

Please keep in mind that features you see in this Programme may change or be removed in the final version and those features should always remain confidential.

a. Do not take photos, videos, or audio recordings of the Game
b. Do not post photos, videos, or audio recordings of the Game on any venue.
c. Do not describe any part of the Game on any venue unless we’ve instructed you to
d. Do not allow others to watch you play the Game
e. Do not leave the Game running unattended.

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