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  1. Who are the Pioneers?
    The Pioneers are a small group of previous Technical Alpha players. We’ve selected a test group who we’ll be asking for feedback on work in progress, unpolished features.

  2. Could I be a Pioneer someday?
    This initial group is subject to change. We may add more Pioneers further down the line and some of the current Pioneers may choose to opt out or may no longer meet our criteria.
  3. How do you select Pioneers?
    The Pioneers are some of our most active and engaged players. We select them using a combination of survey feedback, play session time and other engagement metrics.

  4. I’m a Pioneer! Cool, what is that?
    A test group who we’ll be asking for specific feedback on work in progress, unpolished features.

  5. Can I tell people I am a Pioneer?
    Yes you can. However, as the Pioneer Programme is under NDA, you cannot disclose any information about the sessions or the programme (other than the information shared in this post), with anyone who is not a Pioneer. Please do not discuss the Pioneer programme outside of the Pioneer section of the Forums.

  6. Awesome! How do I play?
    Make sure you have the latest update installed, and then when the Pioneer session is live, you just log in and play.

  7. How often can pioneers play?
    Pioneers will be notified in the forums each time we have a session planned for them when we need to test new features.

  8. What do I need to do?
    Before every Pioneer session release notes will be posted in the Pioneer section of the Forums, containing information about features in the latest Pioneer build, known bugs and what features the development teams would like Pioneers to test. Feedback threads around the specific features will also be made available for Pioneers to leave their feedback from their play sessions if they are required. The teams directly involved with the features will be monitoring those directly.

    There may also be information on surveys the team may need you to answer. Keep an eye on your email throughout these active sessions.

  9. What do Pioneers test, is it the same every session?
    Not always! Release notes will be shared before each session in the Pioneer section of the Forums and we’ll be asking for feedback on work in progress, unpolished features.

  10. Will I always be a Pioneer?
    The Pioneer programme is to test specific features in less polished states, which requires a smaller group of highly active players. We will be cycling out players who do not regularly participate or provide feedback.

  11. How active do I have to be to stay a Pioneer?
    We won't remove people unceremoniously without any warning, so don't worry! If (because life, or reasons) your participation starts to drop you'll get an email. So don't worry about logging in and no longer having access, just continue to participate as best you can. That's really all we want!

  12. I don’t have the time to be a Pioneer, can I opt out?
    If you are selected for the Pioneer Programme and do not wish to participate, you can opt-out of the programme via your website profile page here. By opting out, you are opting out of the next and future sessions. Which means you will no longer have access to the Pioneer Forum pages and to any future Pioneer play sessions. If you cannot see this page, please log in and log out to let it refresh.

  13. I changed my mind, can I be a Pioneer again?
    Once you’ve opted out of the programme there are no current plans for players to opt back in the future.

  14. Can I change my Pioneer preferred platform?
    Absolutely! Play Anywhere is now enabled, so you can pick the platform you want to play on.

  15. What happens if I break the NDA as a Pioneer?
    Any Pioneers found breaking the NDA will be removed from the programme.

    Do not take photos, videos, or audio recordings of the Game.
    Do not post photos, videos, or audio recordings of the Game on any venue. This also includes the Pioneer Programme Forum.

    Do not describe any part of the Game on any venue unless we’ve instructed you to.
    Do not allow others to watch you play the Game.
    Do not leave the Game running unattended.

    Hopefully that clears things up for you!

    If you still have questions about the pioneer programme please create a Customer Support ticket.

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