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Where can I watch future streams? www.mixer.com/xbox

How long do I have to be logged in for? Users have to be logged in on an authenticated account and watch the stream for any amount of time to receive content.

I didn’t watch from the start, am I still eligible for the reward? Yes, you are still eligible providing you are logged in with the correct Microsoft Account.

Which account do I need to log in to Mixer with? You will need to log in with the Microsoft Account on which you play Sea of Thieves.

Will the code be tied to my account automatically or will I be sent a 5x5 code? The code will be tied to your account automatically. Please allow a few days for the item to arrive on your account.

I logged into the incorrect account, can I transfer the code? No, unfortunately the code cannot be transferred so please ensure you’re logged into the correct account.

Are all countries eligible to take part in this promotion? All countries where Sea of Thieves is accessible are eligible to receive the content.

 I haven’t received my in-game item, where do I go for help? 
Please select 'Raise a support request' below. 

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