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What is the Reaper's Mark flag?
The Reaper's Mark flag is a cursed flag that reveals the location of any ship that uses it. The location of these ships will be shown on all other ships’ world maps.
How do I get the Reaper's Mark?
Player's do not need to earn the Reaper's Mark flag, it is unlocked be default.
How do I equip the Reaper's Mark flag?
The Reaper's Mark flag can be found within the flag customisation chest up in the crow's nest of your ship.
I'm struggling to unlock a commendation related to using the Reaper's Mark flag
  • The Reaper's Mark flag must be raised all the way throughout the voyage. You will need to raise the Reaper's Mark flag prior to starting a voyage to be eligible for the related commendations.
  • Joining an alliance whilst the Reaper's Mark flag has been raised will cause the flag to be lowered. Should you wish to be part of an alliance make sure to form the alliance prior raising the Reaper's Mark flag.
Note: If your ship has been sunk and you use a mermaid to retrieve it you will find the Reaper’s Mark flag to be invisible. 
Advice: Should you believe this to occur please check the flag customisation chest to see if it is equipped. Should you unequip whilst in a voyage you will no longer be eligible for the 'Cursed Voyager' related commendations from that particular voyage.

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