Gilded Voyages

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From December 12th 2018 until the first week of January 2019 (exact date to be confirmed), players will be able to purchase ONE Gilded Voyage in the game. This special voyage, a gift from the Pirate Lord, can be acquired from Duke in any of the Outpost taverns.

Players can choose only ONE voyage from a single Trading Company: Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls or Merchant Alliance. Pirate Legends also have the fourth option of an Athena's Fortune voyage.

Once obtained, the voyage will be in the player's inventory until they decide to activate it.

Once the voyage has been placed on a ship's table and voted for, it has been activated and players will be able to complete it, but MUST do so during the same game session.

Gilded Voyages are more substantial undertakings than standard voyages, and players will be rewarded with more gold and reputation as a result.

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