(RESOLVED) Fated Fortune Challenges - Cannot Purchase Soulflame Crew Set

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By Shinobi
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We are aware of an issue players are facing when attempting to purchase the Soul Flame Crew Set as part of the Fated Fortune Challenge set.

To purchase the Soul Flame Crew Set please make sure you first meet the following criteria:

  1. Achieve the rank of Pirate Legend
  2. Complete all 28 Fated Fortune Challenges

If the requirements above have been met but you receive the error message “Sorry, just daydreaming about the next adventure. Ask again!” when attempting to purchase the set, this could be due to one of your crew already owning Soulflame cosmetics.

While we are working on a resolution to this issue, a workaround to is to simply start a game as a solo player and re-attempt the purchase.

UPDATE: A fix for this issue was released in Update 2.0.20 

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