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We are committed to ensuring that Sea of Thieves is an approachable game for a wide range of players.  

With the introduction of Pets into Sea of Thieves, Players are now able to name their own Pet for others to see while out exploring the world. For players choosing not to participate in this feature, there is an optional setting to configure your game experience. All of these settings are optional, please read through the explanations provided and decide which are applicable to you. 

Hiding Player-Created Pet Names (User Generated Content) 

On purchasing a Pet in Sea of Thieves, players are able to name their pet using a free text entry field. While restrictions are set up within the system to restrict inappropriate names, players may choose to disable this feature entirely. If you do encounter a rival player using the system not as intended, please raise a Support Request via our Support Page and we will investigate. 

On Xbox One 

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide 
  • Navigate to System - Settings - Account - Privacy & Online Safety - Xbox Live Privacy - View details & customize - Game Content 
  • Set You can see and Upload Community Creations to Block 

On Windows 10 

  • Navigate to account.xbox.com 
  • Navigate to Profile - Privacy Settings 
  • Set You can see and Upload Community Creations to Block 

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