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0x803F8001 or DCOM 317 - Troubleshoot

A Windows Update has just been released that should fix your issue:

How to get the update:

1)Press the windows Key

2)Type in Check for Updates

3) Select Check for Updates


The update you need to fix your grey screen crash on launch is KB4088776 shown below. If this update is present download, install and finally reboot your system for the update to take affect.


If the update above is not present it is most likely due to the update only just going live. It should appear on your PC very soon! So try again soon.


Other error codes

Our Test team are aware of these particular error codes and are working on a solution. Hopefully this will be quickly resolved in a future update! Please do not create a ticket about them.






Error message "There is a problem. Try registering again later. We were unable to process your registration".



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