Cursed Sails: Unable to complete side quest

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The team at Rare are aware of an issue in which some players are struggling to complete the side quest and are unable to earn the below sails at the various Shipwrights.

  • Golden Sands Shipwright – The Shores of Plenty Sail
  • Plunder Outpost Shipwright – The Ancient Isles Sail
  • Dagger Tooth Outpost Shipwright – The Wilds Sail

Common problems/solutions

1) Commendation delay – Players will sometimes notice that Commendations are not always given immediately and can be susceptible to a delay.

Solution - Commendations should arrive within 30 seconds of completing the criteria for the Commendation. However, there have been reported cases of delays of up to three minutes. Should this occur, please allow several minutes for the Commendation to arrive, and if the issue is still present after this time please contact Sea of Thieves Support.


2) Missing steps – Players sometimes complete the side quest steps out of order. This is usually the result of joining a session in progress.

Solution - Players will need to return through the side quest steps and complete any they may have missed. This includes speaking to any NPCs involved.


Before contacting Support

Before creating a support ticket, please check that you have completed the following Commendations:

  • Seeker of Wanda's Treachery
  • Seeker of Accursed Plans
  • Seeker of the Warsmith

Once the three Commendations above have been earned, please return to Sharon at Golden Sands Outpost for your reward. If Sharon does not give you the reward, please create a customer support ticket using the button below.

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