Where is my Black Dog pack / other bonus items?

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Black Dog Pack:

In order to get a Black Dog pack code you must have preordered the game through an eligible retailer prior to the March 20th 2018 release date.

If you preordered directly through Xbox or Microsoft please follow the below steps:

PC: Launch the Xbox App and keep a lookout for a message from Xbox Live containing the Black Dog Pack code.

Xbox: Keep an eye on your messages. A message from Xbox Live should appear containing the Black Dog Pack code.

Mobile / Cell Phone App: Codes can't be seen on Mobile / Cell phone application. Please check through one of the methods above or through a web browser.

NOTE: if you ordered through any retailer other than the official Xbox/Windows Store, you will need to contact the retailer to receive your code as this is not handled by Rare. 

Already redeemed your code but can't find your items?

Under normal circumstances, items can be found in the relevant in-game chests after the code is redeemed (e.g. outfit will be in the clothing chest). 

The link below will provide a step by step process on how to find these items.

How do I access my downloadable content in-game

 Other bonus items:

 The guidance in the paragraph above also applies to the Ferryman Pack, Mercenary Pack, Midnight Blunderbuss and other bonus items redeemable by code. However, distribution of these codes is not handled by Rare. 

The article below contains up-to-date information on known issues:


Sea of Thieves: Launch Status Update



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