How do I get the Gears of War inspired Omen ship set

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Play Sea of Thieves any time between November 13th 10AM PST - November 22nd Midnight PST to receive the free Omen ship set inspired by Gears of War. 

Note: It will be added to your account within 72 hours of your first play session! 


What Items are included in this promotion? 

  • Omen Sails
  • Omen Hull
  • Omen Flag
  • Omen Figurehead

How will I receive my content?

The Gears of War inspired Omen ship set will be delivered automatically to your account up to 72 hours after playing Sea of Thieves during the promotional period. No 5X5 codes required!

Where will I find my content in-game?

All of the Omen themed cosmetics with the exception of the Omen flag can be found in the ship customisation chest. The ship customisation chest is located next to every shipwright at any outpost, as for the Omen flag you will need to climb up to the crow's nest of your ship and open up the Ship Flag Box to find it. 

Should you not have received your items after 72 hours please click the 'Raise a Support Request' button below for further assistance from our Support Team. 


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