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When entering the Arena, crews are pitted against 4 rival crews as they battle to earn silver and best their rivals. Sea of Thieves is a Crossplay title allowing both Xbox and Win10 players to participate together, however an option has been added for Arena Xbox players to configure their experience. 

Arena Xbox Matchmaking Preference

Players on Xbox are provided with an option to set their preference when Matchmaking with other players in the Arena. Players by default will matchmake with both Xbox and Win10 players, however can choose to prefer playing with Xbox Players with Controllers only. 

Note: As this is a preference, if the game after a suitable amount of time is unable to find an appropriate match during Matchmaking it will fall back to finding a match with both Xbox and Win10 players. 

  • Navigate to the Front-End 
  • Navigate to Settings - Matchmaking Preferences - Arena 
  • Set Prefer Xbox Players with Controllers to Yes 

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