Seasons FAQ

What are Seasons?

Seasons are a fun and exciting new way to progress and earn rewards in Sea of Thieves as you play through the game. Whilst the journey to Pirate Legend still depends on your actions within the separate Trading Companies, Seasons rewards players for being the best all-round pirate they can possibly be.

How do you measure being the best all-round pirate that you can be?

This is measured in the completion of Deeds, Challenges and Trials in-game to earn Renown, which in turn will grant rewards such as gold, Doubloons and cosmetics for your pirate and ship.

Renown? Deeds, Challenges and Trials?

Deeds are basic acts performed within Sea of Thieves such as sailing to new islands, battling skellies or digging up loot. 

Challenges involve performing more precise actions such as illuminating all lights within your ship, or battling specific Pirate Lords.

Trials are a series of varied Challenges available each Season that all pirates can take part in. 

Completing any of the above will earn Renown for your pirate, and the more Renown which you earn, the more rewards you will unlock!

Are there many rewards and how much does this cost?

Each Season consists of 100 levels of rewards for pirates to unlock and these are free!

Pirate Legends will also unlock additional exclusive content as they progress through the Season. 

Additional rewards can also be earned by purchasing the Plunder Pass! 

What is the Plunder Pass?

Players who purchase a Plunder Pass will have access to premium cosmetic items, with any items debuting in the Plunder Pass remaining exclusive for that Season (before being made available to the public the following season).

The Plunder Pass can be purchased at any point throughout a Season, with any rewards levels you have already passed becoming available right away.

For more information on the Plunder Pass, please see our Seasons - Plunder Pass Explained article.

How do I purchase a Plunder Pass and for how much?

Each Season’s Plunder Pass will cost 999 Ancient Coins and can be purchased through the Pirate Emporium. Ancient Coins can be purchased in packs from your chosen platform’s online store, or by visiting the Pirate Emporium in Sea of Thieves. They can also be obtained by defeating rare Ancient Skeletons that emerge from the ground as you explore islands in the game.

How long does each Season last?

Each season will typically last around three months, which we will continue to release new events, Daily Deeds and regular rewards throughout.

How do I track my progress?

You can view your progress by checking the new Pirate Log menu in-game or through your Pirate Profile via our website. This allows you to see your current level, alongside your unlocked and upcoming rewards - as well as information on all available Trials.

Will each new Season have new content?

Each Season will bring new updates including new Features, events or Voyages. They will also bring regular restocks of new premium content to the Emporium, as well as general Quality of Life improvements for the game.

So remember - Play Game, Earn Renown, Reap Rewards!

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