Tooltip Narration

Tooltip Narration takes interaction points you’re standing next to and speaks them out loud.

When you get close enough to an item to interact with, the tooltip that appears is read out by Sea of Thieves’ text-to-speech technology. For example, when standing near a cannon it can narrate “Use Cannon: Controller X Button”.

Text to speech game transcription must be enabled for Tooltip Narration to work. Once it is, Tooltip Narration will automatically be enabled.

  • Navigate to Settings – Language
  • Move down to the section titled “Gameplay Narration”


Narration is split into two parts:

  • The action to perform: “Use Cannon”
  • The button being pressed: “Controller X Button”

Both parts can be independently enabled and the ordering can be altered.

The “Narrate interaction text” setting can be set to “On” or “Off” to control narration of the action.

  • On: “Use Cannon: Controller X Button”
  • Off: “Controller X Button”

The “Narrate interaction buttons” setting can be set to “Off”, “Before”, or “After”.

  • Off: “Use Cannon”
  • Before: “Controller X Button: Use Cannon”
  • After: “Use Cannon: Controller X Button”

Customizable initial delay

Running past a collection of ship cannons can cause the narrator to repeat itself many times. To reduce the speed at which the tips play, use “Tooltip narration delay”. This delay can be set to between 0.2 and 2 seconds. The default is 1 second.

Automatic repeating

Tooltip Narration can be set to repeat on a selected timer. 

If “Repeat narration of interaction points” is On then the current interaction prompt will be repeated periodically. The repeat timer is set with “Tooltip narration repeat delay” up to 10 seconds.

This is disabled by default.

Repeating after closing menus

Interactions will repeat when you open and close a menu. This can be toggled with “Renarrate after closing menus”.

Ignoring disabled interactions

There are some interactions which may be less useful to hear for certain players. Some are disabled, for example, “Someone else is sitting at the map table” or “You need a voyage available to vote on one” at the map table.

By default, these are narrated with the word “Disabled:” in front of them, e.g. “Disabled: Someone else is sitting at the map table.”

You can prevent disabled interaction prompts from being narrated by toggling “Ignore narrating disabled interactables”.







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