Steam - "Launch Error: Easy Anti-Cheat is not installed"

If you are receiving the error "Launch Error: Easy Anti-Cheat is not installed" when attempting to run Sea of Thieves through Steam, please complete the following steps to resolve the issue:


1) Open up Steam, right click "Sea of Thieves" and choose "Properties…"  

2) Go to the "Installed Files" tab and click "Verify integrity of game files" 

3) This process can take 5-10 mins. Once complete, you can then launch the game 


If the issue persists 

EasyAntiCheat can be installed manually by the following method:

1) Open up Steam, right click "Sea of Thieves", go to "Manage" then "Browse local files". This should open up an explorer window 

2) Open up the Installers folder and you should see "EasyAntiCheat_EOS_Setup.exe"

3) Whilst holding the Shift key, right click "EasyAntiCheat_EOS_Setup.exe" and select "Copy as path"  

4) Press the Win key + R at the same time to open the Run prompt. Alternatively, open the Start Menu, search for "Run" and open the app from there 

5) Select the field next to open and press Ctrl-V to paste (or right click -> Paste) 

6) At the end of the text, enter a space and the following: "install 0367a3a8ea344f08851d76facf6f66d3". It should look like:

7) Click "Ok" and EAC will install for you. You should receive a User Account Control pop up asking to allow it to make changes to you device, if you are not running as admin. You will need to click "Yes" 

8) EAC should now be installed and you can launch the game


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