Steam - Game stability and crashing issues for Steam users

Following recent updates we have been receiving an increase in crash reports from Steam users for apparent random causes. While the team are investigating the cause of these crash reports, if you have a persistent issue which is affecting your experience, please raise a new support request from the bottom of this article being sure to add the following information:

  • Details around when you are receiving the crash
  • Your systems DXDIAG and MSINFO information. To generate these:



1) Open the Run application. You can do this by entering "Run" into the search bar in the Start menu.

2) Enter "msinfo32" in the dialog box and choose OK. This will open the System Information window.

3) Select File, then Export... from the drop-down.

4) Save the document to a folder of your choice.


1) Press the windows key

2) Type in dxdiag

3) Run the dxdiag

4) Select Save All information and attach the dxdiag file located on your desktop to this ticket.


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