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Sea of Thieves offers a range of in-game options to better support players who have difficulty in differentiating between colors. 

 High Contrast ‘X Marks the Spot’ 

This setting allows players to replace the standard Red ‘X’ placed on ‘X Marks the Spot’ Treasure Maps with a High Contrast Black & White ‘X’ improving visibility for players having difficulty viewing the ‘X’ against the environment. 

  • Navigate to Back - Settings - Accessibility Settings.  
  • Set High Contrast ‘X Marks the Spot’ to On 

Colour Blindness Filters 

For a deeper set of customization options, a range of filters are available which apply Colour Filters across the entire game along with the ability to configure the strength of each filter effect. 

  • Navigate to Back - Settings - Accessibility Settings.  
  • Set Colour Blindness Filter Mode to Green-Red, Red-Green or Blue-Yellow 
  • Set Colour Blindness Filter Strength to configure the strength of the effect 
  • Use the test image provided to help configure the filters to your preference 

Colour Saturation Slider 

To further customize the visibility of Colour across the entire gamethe Colour Saturation Slider can be used to reduce the saturation of colorsSetting a low saturation however may make it difficult to distinguish between colors! 

  • Navigate to Back -Settings - Accessibility Settings.  
  • Set Saturation Level to configure the preferred level 
  • Use the test image provided to help configure the setting to your preference 

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