Season Two - New content and rewards!


Our second Sea of Thieves Season sweeps in with a wealth of new content: refreshed Trials and Deeds to boost your Renown, Emissary system improvements, Forts of Fortune to conquer, Commodities to be bought and sold via Merchant Alliance Trade Routes, new and returning time-limited Events, freebies to grab through Twitch Drops and Prime Gaming, and renewed Pirate Emporium stock including the Season Two Plunder Pass! 



Seasonal play introduces Renown, which you can earn by simply living the pirate life and accomplishing things naturally. Reach new Renown levels within each Season to unlock rewards including cosmetics, gold, Doubloons and Ancient Coins! There are even ways to accelerate this: Trials are themed sets of Deeds that will test your adventuring, exploring and battling capabilities and speed your progress towards ever more enviable rewards. 

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For pirates ready to conquer a Season’s Trials and claim every reward, the Plunder Pass will make success taste all the sweeter. Pay once and that Season’s Plunder Pass sends even more treasures cascading into the pool of rewards obtainable by raising your Renown. This includes brand new items ahead of their Emporium debut, so you could lay your hands on freshly forged treasures before your rivals get the chance! 

Plunder Pass Explained



Season Two’s Plunder Pass includes the debut of the imposing Black Phoenix Figurehead, Sails and Flag, along with the new Popcorn and Backflip emotes – none of which are yet in stock at the Pirate Emporium. Other Plunder Pass unlockables include the Shrouded Ghost Hunter Costume and Blunderbuss, Witch Markings Makeup, Cronch Cutlass, Elemental Power Hull and Paradise Garden Cannons. There is even the chance to earn an additional 250 Ancient Coins with the Plunder Pass. These can be gained over 10 separate drops of 25 Ancient Coins which are evenly distributed throughout the season.

The Plunder Pass can be purchased at any point throughout a Season, with any rewards levels you have already passed becoming available right away.



Channel your inner maritime trader and make your fortune buying low and selling high on the new Merchant Alliance Trade Routes! Emissaries can buy Commodity Crates at Outposts, find out where these raw Commodities are in demand and head there to sell up for a tidy profit. To further diversify their portfolio, the Merchants now sell Resource Crates too – making it much more convenient to stock up on basics including bananas, planks and cannonballs! 



A new, savagely scarred Skull Cloud rising over the Sea of Thieves signals the awakening of a Fort of Fortune, an even more rigorous challenge than other Skeleton Forts. With relentless enemy waves, dangerous items to dig up and the promise of a fiery finish, expect an ordeal worthy of the most battle-hardened pirate crew (and a high-level haul with guaranteed Athena’s Treasures) should you pit yourselves against the undead horde within! 



To attract ever more pirates to their cause, the Trading Companies have stocked up on fresh rewards for those who perform well in their Emissary Ledgers over the course of a Season. Mysterious Notes from each Trading Company will arrive when you’re eligible to purchase their Emissary Licence, while their representatives can offer detailed information on what you stand to gain should you strike out for adventure under an Emissary Flag. 



In addition to the Trials that allow you to speed up your progress towards Season rewards, new time-limited Events will come and go every Season. You might be thrown into a battle between Trading Companies, get involved in a worldwide skeleton crackdown… or just spend a lot of time fishing. Check out the Events Hub for dates and details of these one-off Events (alongside some of your favourite recurring Events) as they go live! 



Stay on the edge of pirate style with new arrivals at the Pirate Emporium every month! Each update unleashes new ranges from unique ship liveries to emotes, pets, costumes and more. There’s plenty to pick up with your Ancient Coins, including the Plunder Pass for Seasonal reward boosts. Visit the Emporium shopkeeper above the Order of Souls tent at any Outpost, or jump straight in from the menu as soon as you launch Sea of Thieves! 



This time-honoured method of snagging free stuff continues into Seasons. When Twitch Drops are live, just make sure your Sea of Thieves and Twitch accounts are linked, settle back and spend some time watching one of our splendid streaming Partners to pick up daily cosmetic drops for use in your own adventures. Keep an eye on Sea of Thieves’ social channels to see when Twitch Drops are active and what’s on offer! 



Spice up your Sea of Thieves adventures with another way to snag packs of pirate and ship cosmetics, emotes and in-game currency. Each time-limited Prime Gaming drop is free to all Prime members and contains a selection of different in-game goodies to boost bragging rights on the seas. Link your Sea of Thieves account with your Amazon Prime account to be eligible to receive the contents of these in-game drops. 

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