PlayStation®5 - Store is currently unavailable

If you are experiencing the above error message, there are a few potential different reasons as to why this is occurring. In an attempt to solve this problem please try the following:

Checking The Service Status
The first step is to confirm whether Xbox Live or Sea of Thieves is experiencing any service-related issues or errors. These can be checked here: 

Xbox Status: Check Status
Sea of Thieves Status: Check Status

Clear Cache & Rebuild the PlayStation®5 database

Booting the console into Safe Mode and performing these steps should allow access to the online store.

To perform this, please refer to this guide.

PlayStation™Network Troubleshooting

Please ensure you have followed the steps in this FAQ, as it details a lot of connectivity troubleshooting for PlayStation®5, along with ports that need to be forwarded and open:

How to fix NW-102417-5

Further Troubleshooting

If none of the above allows you access to the Emporium, you will need to investigate further into a possible cause. We would recommend that you check the following:

- Reboot your router.

- Ensuring that your console is set up to the correct region in which you play Sea of Thieves.

- Try a wired connection.

- In your Router settings turn off IPv6 and ensure you console's NAT is Type 1.

- Ensure that you have these ports forwarded via your router's configuration menu.

- Try a different network connection to determine if the issue is specific to your home network.


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