How to redeem perks from Game Pass Ultimate

Occasionally, XBOX will offer perks in its Ultimate Game Pass in the form of promotional codes which can then be redeemed in exchange for additional items. Please note that buying Ultimate Gamepass will not automatically add these promotions to your game - these will still need to be claimed and then redeemed.

To see which perks are currently on offer, please consider visiting the following page: XBOX Game Pass Perks

In order to claim these perks - head into the "Game Pass" section of the XBOX app, then click the specific "Perks" button visible on screen:

screenshot of the Xbox app highlighting the perks tab

The Perks page will provide you with a complete list of active offers as well as the length of time they are active for. Click the perk you wish to claim in order to go through the redemption process for adding the items to your account.

Alternatively, once you have your code, you can redeem this in the XBOX app by heading into the "Store" section and then the specific "Redeem" button visible on screen

You'll then be presented with the opportunity to enter the 5x5 code provided earlier


screenshot of the prompt for claiming promotional codes in the xbox app

Please ensure you pay attention to the e-mail address listed on this pop-up as this is where your content will be delivered.

Once done, your content will be available for you when you next load the game.


A note for Steam users with Gamepass Ultimate

Please note that should you redeem a code on the MS store but use Steam as your main platform - your redeemed content will not be visible until you launch the MS Store version of the game either through your Console, the XBOX App, or via XCloud. Please Note: When using the XCloud Gaming service, if on Windows, you will need to use a supported controller to progress past the 'Start Game' screen to receive your items. If this is not available, please use the Xbox Game Pass phone app where you will be able to use virtual controls.


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