PC - How to change the version of Direct3D following the February update

Sea of Thieves is now optimised for Direct3D 12. On most PCs the game will run with the default Direct3D 12, but older hardware may not fully support it and should automatically run with Direct3D 11 instead. If you find you need to manually switch to Direct3D 11, there are three options described below:

  1. In-game, go to the settings menu and select the video settings. After changing the Direct3D version you will need to restart the game. This menu also includes an option called Multi-Core Rendering. If this is turned on then the game should run better on computers with a large number of processors. If you are having trouble run the game then try turning it off. 
    If your hardware does not fully support Direct3D 12 then these options may not be available. 
    If the game crashes when it is launched then you should try one of the other methods of changing the Direct3D version.

  2. If you are running the game using Steam, right-click Sea of Thieves in the game list and select Properties. Type -d3d11 in the Launch Options box from the General section.

  3. Modify the ini file. In a text editor open the file corresponding to your version of the game. 
    Windows Store: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Athena\Saved\Config\WinGDK\GameUserSettings.ini 
    Steam: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Athena\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\GameUserSettings.ini 
    Find this line: 
    and change it to: 

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