Ancient Coins and Bundles - Why are they not in my account?

After purchasing premium content such as Ancient Coins or the available bundles which are on offer throughout the various online stores, on rare occasions you may not receive your item(s) after a 72 hour wait.

This can happen for a variety of reasons but below are steps in which you can use in an attempt to either fix or prevent these issues from happening for yourself.

Using the Microsoft Store
The Microsoft Store should only be used by owners of the UWP (Microsoft Store platform) of Sea of Thieves when outside of the game. The Microsoft Store is also opened for UWP users when you visit the Emporium in-game to make premium content purchases.

Steam owners of Sea of Thieves should only use the Steam Store for their purchases, as though the Microsoft Store can be used, your purchases will not be forwarded to your account. If you do purchase through the Microsoft Store for the Steam Version, please see the following KBA:

Purchasing through the Correct Platform Stores

Correct Profile

  • Please ensure that you have the correct account which owns and you use to play Sea of Thieves signed in to the Microsoft Store as well as the Xbox Console Companion app / Xbox (Beta) app (you can further confirm the correct account when you are prompted to sign in during the purchasing process).
  • For Steam users, this must be the account which you have linked between Xbox Live and your Steam Profile.

    If the wrong account is being used for the purchase then you will not receive your items in-game

    On a sidenote - if you are playing Sea of Thieves through Game Share, please see our support article for when the store is unavailable when purchasing premium content.

Troubleshooting Store Issues

If you are sure that the correct profile is signed in and you are still not receiving your items, please try the following:

Reset the Microsoft Store

1. Sign your profiles out of the Microsoft Store and then close the store if you have it open.
2. Click Start and type "wsreset", without quotes.
3. Right-Click on the command and click "Run as Administrator". If the Windows permission box appears, click "Yes" or "Run".
4. A black MS Dos screen will appear for a few seconds. Wait for it to disappear and the Store will automatically open.
5. Re-open the Microsoft Store and then sign your profiles back in as normal.

Reset the Xbox Console Companion App / Xbox (Beta) App for Windows
Sign your Profiles out of the desired App.
2. Press the Windows Key
3. Type in Apps and Features
4. Click either the Xbox Console Companion App / Xbox (Beta) app once.
5. Select Advanced Options
6. Select Reset
7. Re-open the app and sign profiles back in as normal.

Reset Sea of Thieves (UWP)
1. Press the Windows Key
2. Type in Apps and Features
3. Click Sea of Thieves
4. Select Advanced Options
5. Select Reset
6. Re-open the app and sign profiles back in as normal.

Reset Sea of Thieves (Steam)
 From Steam, right click Sea of Thieves in your games list
2. Select Properties from the context menu
3. Click Local Files
4. Select 'Verify Integrity of Game Files...'

After completing the above process and ensuring that the correct accounts are signed back in, you should no longer receive issues when purchasing premium content.

Using the Steam Store

Please see our article for the process for completing purchases through the Steam Store

Please Note: Any items purchased from the Emporium when in-game cannot be added to your inventory until you reboot Sea of Thieves. This is due to the 'consumption' process which is highlighted in the linked article in this section.

Purchases of downloadable content from a retail store

If you have purchased a DLC bundle from a retail store and have not received your items in-game on Steam, please try and load the Microsoft Store / Game Pass version where any missing items will be granted to your account. All items should be claimable via a promotional code on your receipt, so if you are missing the promotional code for any of your items, please return to the retailer who sold you the bundle for further assistance into the missing items.


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