Troubleshooting crashes or performance issues on PlayStation®5

If you are experiencing performance issues with Sea Of Thieves, or the game is crashing, please run through the steps in this guide:

Update your console

Please ensure you have installed the latest system update for PlayStation®5, as playing on an older firmware may hinder performance.

Restore licences

If the game is crashing, then restoring licences can help alleviate this issue.

Power cycle your console

Press and hold the power button until your console beeps. The screen goes blank, the power indicator flashes white, and then turns off. Remove the power cable and leave the console for 20 minutes. Reconnect the power cable and press the power button to turn on the PS5 console.

Rebuild the console's database

Booting the PS5 into Safe Mode and rebuilding the database may resolve any crash issues you may face.

While this will not result in any data loss, we strongly recommend backing up your data before accessing Safe Mode.

Check installation location

Please ensure that the game is installed on the console's internal drive, as this will eliminate any potential issues caused by external drives. Reinstalling the game may also help, if the above steps do not resolve the issue.

If the issue persists after trying these steps, please get in touch with PlayStation Support for further assistance.

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