PlayStation®5 - Ashbeard Error - Troubleshooting

Some players are encountering an Ashbeard error when trying to sign in to their Microsoft account on the PlayStation®5 version of Sea of Thieves. Please run through the troubleshooting steps below to resolve:

Recently played on another platform

If you have been recently playing on another platform, such as Xbox or Steam, please wait 10 minutes before launching the PlayStation®5 version. This allows our back end services to clear your credentials so that you can log in successfully. Otherwise, please run through the rest of this article.

Clear local saved data from PlayStation®5 and relink your Xbox Live account

  1. IMPORTANT - Ensure that you have taken note of the login details of the Microsoft account which you have linked to your PlayStation™Network account.
  2. Enter the consoles Settings menu Select Save Data & Game/App Settings
  3. Select Upload or Delete from Console storage
  4. Scroll across to the Delete option
  5. Highlight Sea of Thieves and select Delete
  6. Restart Sea of Thieves where you can attempt to relink your Xbox Live account once again

Power cycle your PlayStation®5

Press and hold the power button until your console beeps. The screen goes blank, the power indicator flashes white, and then turns off. Remove the power cable and leave the console for 20 minutes. Reconnect the power cable and press the power button to turn on the PlayStation®5 console.

Further troubleshooting (using other devices)

Microsoft account & Xbox

Ensure the Microsoft account you are trying to link to is an Xbox Live enabled account with a gamertag:

  1. Go to on a PC or mobile device
  2. Sign in using your Microsoft account details
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup of your Xbox account.

If you already see a gamertag and profile picture on the top right of this page, then you have already created an Xbox account.

Check the region/country of your Microsoft account.

Confirm that your Microsoft account's region is correctly set to a country which has access to Xbox Live. Click the below link to check if Xbox supports your country/region:

Xbox Supported Countries/Regions

If you need to update the country/region of your account, please follow this guide:

Update your Microsoft account if you’re moving to a new country or region 

Missing QR code

If the QR code is missing, please proceed to this page and then input the linking code which is displayed in-game.

REMEMBER! Be mindful that you are using the correct Microsoft account during the linking process, as if you accidentally link the wrong Microsoft account, we are unable to unlink this account. 

If you are still having issues when using this method to link accounts, please:

  1. Sign into your Microsoft account here, using the same browser you used when attempting to input your linking code
  2. Please retry inputting your linking code via this page once you have signed in
  3. If you are still facing issues, please try these steps on a different device
  4. If possible, please also try the above steps using a different internet connection (such as using mobile data instead of your home WiFi)

Advanced troubleshooting (PC required)

The following steps are to test if your internet connection can reach the Xbox Live endpoints. These are essential tests if the above troubleshooting has not resolved your issue. 

Using a PC on the same home network as your console, press the Windows Key and type 'cmd' (without the quotes). This will open a Command Prompt. Type the following, and press Enter:


You should be shown the following result:

Auth1 result.png

Next, type the following, and press Enter:


You should be shown the following result:

auth2 result.png

Note: You may see a different number in the "Address" section; this is normal.​

If you are shown any errors, blocked or blank results for the above tests, please reach out to your ISP as your network may be blocking the necessary connections required to play the game.


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