PlayStation®5 – Sending / Receiving game invites

You can invite friends from all platforms to join your crew. The following guide will show you how to do so.

Please note: To invite friends from other platforms, please ensure they are added as friends on Xbox Live.

Pre-game Lobby

Before you set sail, press the square button to display the in-game friends list which highlights all of your PlayStation®5 friends as well as those on other platforms.


To invite friends on PlayStation®5 as well as other platforms to your active game session:

  1. Enter the Game Options menu
  2. Select ‘My Crew’
  3. Press Square to open the in-game friends list

Through the PlayStation®5 Game Base menu (PlayStation®5 Friends only)

When viewing your friends list through the PlayStation®5 game base menu, simply select their account and select ‘Invite to Game’.

Receiving and accepting game invites

Receiving and accepting game invites works slightly differently depending on platform.

PlayStation®5 to PlayStation®5 invites

If you are playing on PlayStation®5 and receive an invite from another PlayStation®5 player, press the PS Button on your controller to accept.

Other platforms to PlayStation®5 invites

If you receive an invite from another platform and are playing on PlayStation®5, you will receive an in-game notification. Press "X" to accept this invite.

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