PlayStation®5 - Lavenderbeard errors

If you are receiving the Lavenderbeard error on PlayStation®5 console, please try the following:

Clear local saved data from PlayStation console and relink your Xbox Live account:

***Important - Please ensure that you know the Xbox Live account login details used to link to your PlayStation ID before completing these steps

  1. Enter the consoles Settings menu
  2. Select Save Data & Game/App Settings
  3. Select Upload or Delete from Console storage
  4. Scroll across to the Delete option
  5. Highlight Sea of Thieves and select Delete
  6. IMPORTANT: Wait a few minutes before attempting the next step
  7. Reboot Sea of Thieves where you can attempt to relink your Xbox Live account once again

Please Note: If you are located in Turkey, please see the following article for further suggestions on how to solve the issue:

Lavenderbeard - Players receiving this error in the Turkish region





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