What is the new forum ranking 'Days at Sea'?

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We have rolled out a new ranking system on the Forums that we are calling Days at Sea. This new system awards Forum Members with titles/ranks based on how many days they have spent logged into the Forums. The ranks are as follows:

Castaway / 0-7 days
Sailor / 8-14 days
Rogue / 15-30 days
Seafarer / 31-90 days
Ship Mate / 91-219 days
Marauder / 220-485 days
Master / 486-728 days
Captain / 729-1019 days
Commander / 1020-1325 days
Lord / 1326-1657 days
Legend / 1658-1988 days

Rather than making everybody start at 0, we have retroactively awarded ranks based on how many days current members have logged in to the Forums since joining, so many of you are already well on your way to hitting Legend!

Days towards your next rank will also never be reduced unless you are banned for misconduct on the Forums. This means that even if you take a break from the Forums you can go right back to banking those days when you return.

If you want to check exactly how many days you've spent at sea so far, simply head over to your Forum user profile and you'll find it next to other stats such as your reputation and post count.

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