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If players experience a sudden disconnection from Sea of Thieves due to a variety of reasons, players now have a way to re-join their session and continue where they left off. 

Re-joining a Previous Session 

If a player finds themselves suddenly disconnected from Sea of Thieves due to Network Disconnection or Game Crash, they are now presented with the option of re-joining their session when they return to the Front-End. When playing with a Crew, you will be returned to your Crews Session to carry on. When playing Solo, your Game Session will persist for 10 minutes in the world and allow you to reconnect and continue where you left off. 

As Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer game, while your Game Session is protected, your Ship and all of your items become vulnerable in the world. Should you run aground on an Island or be attacked by other players while reconnecting you may return to your Ship in a different state than you have left it! 

Note: Players who choose to ‘Leave Game’ or are disconnected due to being left idle are not presented with the option to re-join their session. 

  • On Sudden Disconnectionyou will be returned to the Front-End 
  • Navigate through ‘Press Any Button to Continue 
  • When prompted Do you want to re-join your previous session?’ Select Yes 

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