The Pirate Perks program

The Pirate Perks program ties your in-game progress to real-world rewards in the form of merchandise such as replica coins or clothing.

To sign up for the program, users will need both a Rare Games Store account as well as an active Sea Of Thieves account. Please also ensure both accounts are logged in when trying to sign up.

If you have both of these, when you click the "Link Accounts" button on the Pirate Perks page, you'll be presented with the following screen asking you to link your Sea of Thieves account, to the Rare Store account. It will look similar to this:


When linking your account, Rare will ask for permission to view your profile and other basic information. Should you wish to accept the terms, click "yes" and you will then see the message stating that you have successfully linked your account.

The final step is to accept the Pirate Perks Terms and Conditions - these will be presented to you in full. Should you agree, please tick the relevant box and then continue. This completes the sign up process.


How it works

Pirate Perks are linked to your in-game progression, be it with a certain Trading Company, or your current Season progress.

You will notice that some merchandise will require you to have a certain amount of progression in a specific Company. For example, the "Registry of Goods" t-shirt will require you to have reached level 50 with the Merchant Alliance. You can see your progress underneath the item's picture. The button will remain locked until you meet that requirement.

Should you wish to order an item once it is unlocked, click the "Order Now" button visible beneath the progress bar. You will receive a notice stating you will be leaving the Sea of Thieves website - clicking "Continue" will then take you to the Rare Store where you can view pricing, sizes and then complete your order.

If for some reason you are unable to add something to your basket - please double check to ensure your accounts have been correctly linked by viewing your Account page

The Rare Store team will be in touch via email once your items have dispatched and there is no restriction on how many of each Pirate Perks item you can purchase if you meet the eligibility criteria.

What if I have an issue with my order?

Please direct all queries regarding your order to the Rare Games Store help centre

Which regions are eligible to take part in Pirate Perks?

A full list of locations that the Rare Store team can currently deliver to is available in the Rare Games Store help centre

How do I un-link my account?

When viewing the Pirate Perks page, users can scroll down past the merchandise on sale to find the following banner:

Unlink perk.png

Clicking the "Unlink account" button will take you to your account page. In the section marked "Your programs" you will see the Pirate Perks program with an option to leave just below it. Clicking leave will present you the option to either "stay aboard" or go ahead and unlink account. This will complete the process.

Still Need Help?

Raise a support request with one of our team.

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