Known issues during the sign up process on the website

You need an Xbox Account

When you sign up to the Sea of Thieves website if you do not have an Xbox account associated with your Microsoft Account you will need to create one.

Solution: An Xbox Live account is required to log into the forums. You can create an account through the Xbox website. After you have created your account please return to the Sea of Thieves Forums to log in.

You need to allow access

When you sign up to the Sea of Thieves website, if you have an Xbox account but do not allow access to it then it displays an error message currently.

Status: Our engineers are working on fixing this issue. Please hold tight for an update.

You need to have an adult account

When you sign up to the Sea of Thieves website, but you have a child account you will get a message stating you need to be 13 years or older.

Status: You need to be 13 years of age or older to log into the official Sea of Thieves Forums.


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