How to Claim Twitch Drops

Pre-Requisite - Ensure you are signed up to receive Twitch Drops
The first step for earning Twitch Drops is to sign up to them through our official website. If you have not done so already, the process for completing this action is detailed in the supplied KBA below - 

Twitch Drop - Account Linking and Confirmation

Please Note: You must ensure that you have linked the correct Xbox Live Gamertag to your Twitch account otherwise you won't receive them in-game!

Required Viewing
As you are now signed up for Twitch Drops and have confirmed that the correct accounts are linked, the next step is to watch either the official Sea of Thieves stream or those of our official partners on Twitch.

How do I earn my Twitch Drop?
Please either visit for the latest details surrounding our Twitch Drops or proceed to and from the 'All Campaigns' section click our latest event from the 'Open Campaigns' section.

Can I keep track of my viewing time progress
As we are now using the latest Twitch Drops system, you can keep up-to-date with your progress towards a Twitch Drop via the progress bars which are displayed in a variety of areas throughout Twitch. These include:

  • At the top of the Chat Stream.
  • The drop down menu displayed when clicking the Account icon from the top right hand corner of Twitch.
  • When viewing our campaign through your Twitch Inventory from

Please Note: For this progress bar to update you must keep watching the Stream, not leaving it in a background window etc. Also you can only accrue this time from watching a single stream, so having multiple streams open will not earn these drops any faster though progress will continue when switching between streams.

How do I claim my Twitch Drop item?
Once you have completed the required viewing, the progress bars detailed in the previous step will change to a button prompt stating either 'Claim' or 'Claim Now'. You must then click one of these buttons to claim your drop. 

Please Note: You must ensure to claim within 24 hours of earning the drop. This is because there is a time limit for claiming these items, which once missed, will prevent you from receiving your item!

When are they added to my game?
These items are then added to your inventory the next time you boot Sea of Thieves. But if you were already in-game when you claimed your Twitch Drop, you must reboot Sea of Thieves where they will then be added to your inventory.

Note: Should you change your Twitch account password, you will be required to relink your Twitch account to Sea of Thieves.

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