How to report a player

All players within the world of Sea of Thieves must follow the Community Code of Conduct. These were created to ensure that all those who enter are introduced to an environment that is as welcoming and inclusive as possible. As we continue to strive to provide such an environment, enforcing player suspensions and bans as a direct consequence of player reports plays a major part in accomplishing this.

How to Report a player to the Sea of Thieves Moderation Team

The first step is to gather as much supporting evidence of the incident as possible. For further information on what is required before we can action a report, please view our article for the required supporting evidence when submitting to the Sea of Thieves team.

Once you have your supporting evidence and are ready to submit your report, simply click the 'Raise a support request' button at the bottom of this page. Then after selecting the relevant category for your report from the dropdown list, please fully complete all fields and attach all supporting files before submitting.

If the attachment is too large to attach to a ticket, please link to the video content you have uploaded online, along with any time-stamps of when the issue occurred. Example websites you can upload to include, Twitch, YouTube, or OneDrive - please note, if you are uploading videos to public areas and wish to keep your report confidential, please make sure the video permissions are as secure as possible.

How to Report a player through Xbox Live

There are other ways in which you can report a player through Xbox Live. For further information, please view the following article for How to report a player through Xbox Live.


How to Report a player through the PlayStation™Network

Following the release of the game on PlayStation®5, you can also report a player using this platform. Please see the following article for details:

How to report a player through the PlayStation™Network

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