Trade Routes FAQ

Q: What are Trade Routes?

A: Trade Routes is a new opportunity to earn Gold, Reputation and Ledger Score in the Merchant Alliance. Buy Emissary Commodity Crates from one Outpost, and deliver to another.


Q: Where can I buy these Emissary Commodity Crates?

A: The Merchant Alliance Company representative on each Outpost pier offers these in one of their Shops. Simply browse their Resource and Commodity shop.


Q: They appear locked out. Why can't I buy them?

A: You must be representing the Merchant Alliance as an Emissary. Make sure you have the Emissary License, purchasable in the Merchant Alliance Company Shop.


Q: I've bought the offers in the shop. Where are the Crates?

A: Like Cargo Runs and Animal Crates, just face the Merchant Alliance Representative and press the primary action button to Collect your purchased item.


Q: Where do I take these Crates?

A: Any other Outpost you like. They won't accept the Crates from you at the Outpost they were purchased from. If you want to make the most profit, make sure to read the book next to the Merchant Alliance Representative: "Merchant Alliance Outpost Inventories". This will tell you where each of your Commodities are currently Sought After, and therefore offer you the greatest amount for these items.


Q: How do I make the most out of these Crates?

A: Raise your Emissary Grade and head to the Outpost where your Commodities are Sought After. Make sure to read the book next to the Merchant Alliance Representative: "Merchant Alliance Outpost Inventories to help guide you.


Q: What does Sought After and/or In Surplus mean?

A: “Sought After” means that a certain Commodity will be more valuable at that particular Outpost, and it also means that the Commodity won't be available for purchase at that Outpost. “In Surplus” means that there are plenty of that Commodity to spare at that Outpost, so you can pick up multiple Crates of that type.


Q: I've purchased a crate at an Outpost, can this be redeemed at a different Outpost?

A: No. Purchased Resource and Commodity crates can only be redeemed at the Outpost which they were purchased from.


Q: Is it possible to purchase the same crate straight away? 

A: The Crew can't purchase another crate until 3 days after the original purchase. After that time, the Outposts will restock the crate.


Q: A different player has joined our crew who has the same crate which we completed recently. Why can't this be redeemed?

A: A Crew can't redeem the same crate from the same Outpost until 3 days have elapsed after the original purchase.

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