Creator Crew FAQ

What is the Sea of Thieves Creator Crew?
The Crew is more than just a group of talented, good-looking pirates, it’s a hub we’ve created to encourage and reward the best efforts of the community. We want to support all our creative players, however, they choose to tell their stories, and we’ll be exploring ways to bring in other types of content creation in the future!

Who can join the Creator Crew?
The Creator Crew is open to all players residing in a country in which Sea of Thieves is currently available. It’s free to join and open to anyone who wants to create Sea of Thieves content showcasing their talents and ideas, or simply share their unique Sea of Thieves stories with the rest of the community.

Do I need to be an established creator?
Not at all. The Crew exists to support and expand our creative community, so you can sign up with a  Twitch channel (we’re looking at ways to broaden this in future) even if you have no followers.

How do I join?
You can complete the Creator Crew sign up flow by clicking HERE

What do I get for joining?
The Creator Crew offers a library of tutorial content, plus access to a dedicated area of our official Forums for collaboration and opportunities to pick up prizes and exclusive in-game items through special challenges. We’ll also showcase some of the most popular Creator Crew content on our website and social channels, giving members of the Crew a chance to become renowned within the Sea of Thieves community!

What if I don’t have any channels to link?
A Twitch channel is required to join the Creator Crew, but they’re easy to set up!

How do I get in-game rewards?
Initial in-game rewards will be awarded to any Crew member correctly linking their Twitch account and then streaming Sea of Thieves for a minimum of five minutes, at which point a Commendation will appear and the in-game rep screen will be visible.

When will I get my rewards?
Rewards earned through streaming activity will be delivered through an automated service, upon completion of a challenge which will appear in-game. Please be aware that automated rewards are not applied instantly, so please allow up to 30 minutes for delivery to your Xbox Live account.

How do I leave the Creator Crew?
We’d be sad to see you sail away, but you can choose to leave the Crew at any time by visiting your Sea of Thieves profile page and clicking the opt-out button. 

If I leave the Creator Crew, will I keep my rewards?

My in-game Creator Crew commendations are not tracking correctly

For anyone looking to earn their Creator Crew commendations while streaming, make sure to set Sea of Thieves as the game you're currently playing on Twitch, otherwise, we won't know you're live!

How to set this up on Twitch: 

  1.  Head to and make sure you are logged in to the correct account.
  2. Select your profile image in the top right-hand corner and select channel.
  3. Select Edit at the bottom right of your video stream.
  4. Ensure your Category is set to Sea of Thieves, see the image below. 
  5. Select Done.
  6. Go Live and have fun!



  1. Sign in on on the account that you used to link to your Twitch account
  2. Head to and sever link
  3. Log out of the Sea of Thieves website 
  4. Select disconnect on the Sea of Thieves connection found on this page
  5. Clear your internet cache
  6. Sign in on on desired account
  7. Head to to complete sign up flow

If you don’t receive your item within 72 hours, please click the 'Raise a support request' button below for further assistance. 

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