Emissary ledger Rewards

Following the launch of the May-June 2021 Emissary Ledger, each trading company now has multiple reward sets available for when finishing in the top 25% and top 50% of all players for each respective company.

These reward sets contain a ship part which is exclusive to that trading company as well as a title that can be applied to your pirate.

For example, the first two reward sets when finishing as 'Captain' for the Gold Hoarders trading company are:

Set 1
- Gold Hoarders Inaugural Captain Sails
- Captain of Golden Emissaries title

Set 2
- Tribute Peak Figurehead
- Captain of Sealed Stashes title

Please Note: These reward sets are only distributed to players one at a time. So using the above example, the first time you finish the Emissary Ledger as 'Captain' for the Gold Hoarders you will receive Set 1. Then the next time you complete an Emissary Ledger as 'Captain', you will receive Set 2. 

To find out your current and next Emissary rewards, select the rank when viewing the Emissary Ledger for the desired trading company where the currently available reward and next available reward will be displayed.

Screenshot of example Emissary Rewards


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