I receive a Copperbeard error when I ALT+Tab

This is usually caused by Windows not allowing programs or apps to run in the background.

Windows 10

  • Open your Start menu, then head into Settings
  • From here, select "Privacy"
  • Next, "Background apps"

In this section, make sure "Let apps run in the background is turned On". Or, you can Choose which apps can run in the background, by turning individual apps and services settings On or Off.

Windows 11

  • From the Start menu select "System"
  • Select "Power and Battery" from this list
  • Ensure that your power mode is not to any sort of "Power Saving" mode

Some apps will allow you to toggle if they can run in the background or not.

  • From the Start menu, select "Settings" and then "Apps"
  • Next, "Installed Apps"
  • Find Sea of Thieves in this list.
  • Click the "..." icon next to this and you may see an option saying "Advanced Options"
  • On the following page where "Background apps permissions" is, ensure "Let this app run in background" is set to "Always"

Please note that advanced options may not be visible on all Windows Builds. If you do not see this option, please try the following:

  • From the Start Menu, select "Settings" and then "Gaming"
  • In "Game Mode" toggle the "Game Mode" option to On. This should prevent your system from trying to save power by closing background tasks.

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