Missing downloadable content

My promotional item did not come with a code

If you have purchased a product that comes with a promotional code and you have not received it you will need to contact the retailer which you made the purchase from. If the purchase was made directly through Microsoft or Xbox please contact Microsoft Support for further support: support.microsoft.com 

How can I check to see if my code redemption was successful

Codes that have been redeemed successfully will show up on your Order History this can be viewed by clicking the link below.


If the DLC item is not present you will need to contact Microsoft Support for further assistance: support.microsoft.com 

How can I find my downloadable content in-game?

If you have downloadable content for Sea of Thieves, you can access this from within the game itself. Items can be found in any chest within the game, but will always appear on your ship. To locate the items on your ship:

  1. Launch the game on either the Galleon or the sloop.
  2. Once you have located your ship, board and head down to the middle deck on the Galleon or the lower deck if playing on a sloop.
  3. If you’re on a galleon, head toward the front end of the ship.
  4. If you’re on a sloop, the chests are available on both lower levels.
  5. At the front of the ship, there are 5 different chests:
  6. Armory (Weapons)
  7. Clothing (Costumes)
  8. Vanity (Character Customization)
  9. Equipment (All other items)
  10. Ammo (Ammunition)

Depending on the downloadable content you have, your items will appear in these chests. For example, if you pre-ordered the game and received the Black Dog Pack, your clothing items will appear in the Clothing chest.

Note: These customization chests can also be found outside of shops.

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