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Steam - Game stability and crashing issues for Steam users
Updated : 23/05/2024
Information regarding the Deadlock Jailer Ship Set and Costume
Updated : 23/05/2024
PlayStation®5 - Lavenderbeard errors
Updated : 10/05/2024
Performance issues on ASUS motherboards since Easy Anti-Cheat implementation
Updated : 03/05/2024
Beard Error - Avacadobeard error on PlayStation®5
Updated : 07/05/2024
How do I play with my friends on other platforms?
Updated : 30/04/2024
How to add Xbox friends to enable cross-platform invites
Updated : 30/04/2024
Voice Chat - Players unable to communicate via in-game voice chat to their crew
Updated : 02/05/2024
PlayStation®5 - Store is currently unavailable
Updated : 24/04/2024
How to report a player through the PlayStation™Network
Updated : 24/04/2024
PlayStation®5 – Sending / Receiving game invites
Updated : 24/05/2024
Crossplay and player matchmaking preferences
Updated : 24/04/2024
Platform Exclusive Items
Updated : 24/04/2024
Syncing PlayStation®5 Trophies with other platforms
Updated : 01/05/2024
Creating an Xbox account and checking account progress
Updated : 24/04/2024
Comodo Antivirus - "Easy Anti-Cheat is not installed" message and allow listing
Updated : 15/04/2024
PlayStation®5: Microsoft Account Linking
Updated : 24/04/2024
PlayStation®5 closed beta rewards
Updated : 25/04/2024
Troubleshooting crashes or performance issues on PlayStation®5
Updated : 11/04/2024
I linked the wrong Microsoft account to my PlayStation™Network account
Updated : 24/04/2024
List of regions and their associated countries on PlayStation®5
Updated : 03/04/2024
Steam - "Launch Error: Easy Anti-Cheat is not installed"
Updated : 14/03/2024
PC - How to change the version of Direct3D following the February update
Updated : 19/02/2024
Players are unable to launch Sea of Thieves on an External HDD (Xbox Series S/X)
Updated : 12/03/2024
Players are unable to update the Microsoft Store version of Sea of Thieves (PC)
Updated : 19/02/2024
I have previously completed The Legend of Monkey Island Tall Tales, but did not get the cosmetics.
Updated : 30/11/2023
How to redeem perks from Game Pass Ultimate
Updated : 13/07/2023
Captain's Logbooks content appears blurry / washed out
Updated : 12/04/2023
Steam - Accessing wallpapers/soundtrack included in Sea of Thieves: Deluxe Edition
Updated : 15/03/2023
Tall Tales - Infinite load after defeating LeChucks ship in the Monkey Island tale "The Lair of LeChuck"
Updated : 24/05/2024