Xbox One - Store is currently unavailable

If you are experiencing the above error message, there are a few potential different reasons as to why this is occurring. In an attempt to solve this problem please try the following:

Checking The Services Status
The first step is to confirm whether Xbox Live or Sea of Thieves is experiencing any service-related issues or errors. These can be checked here: 

Xbox Status: Check Status
Sea of Thieves Status: Check Status

Resetting your Xbox One
Performing a hard reset of your Xbox One console will clear your consoles cache and once completed, should allow access to the online store. To perform this:

  1. With the console is powered on, hold the power button for 10 seconds
  2. Once the console powers off, reboot and your cache will be cleared 

Further Troubleshooting
If none of the above allows you access to the Emporium, you will need to investigate further into a possible cause. We would recommend that you check the following:

- Reboot your Router

- Ensuring that your Xbox One is set up to the correct region in which you play Sea of Thieves.

- Attempt to use a LAN cable for connecting directly to your router instead of Wifi or using a network bridge in-between your router and console

- In your Router settings turn off IPV6

- Also in the Router settings turn your NAT to open

- Turn off Teredo on selected routers

- Ensure that you have all the open ports in your router for connecting to Xbox LIVE 

- As a test, are you able to access a different internet connection such as tethering to a mobile phone and seeing whether you can access the online stores through that method?

- it may also be worth contacting your ISP to see if they are blocking any of your network traffic

Should you still not be able to find your ancient coins beyond this please select the 'Raise a support request' button below for further assistance. 


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