Naming your ship

All ships named within the world of Sea of Thieves must adhere to the Community Code of Conduct.

These rules were created to ensure that all those who enter are introduced to an environment that is as welcoming and inclusive as possible and this extends to ship naming.

Sea of Thieves is a game for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, nationality, creed or disability and your ship name should reflect this. Any name found to contain any form of harmful or abusive content (e.g. prejudice, hate speech) will result in the permanent revocation of a player’s ability to name ships along with an in-game suspension. However, serious offences may result in immediate account termination at our discretion.

Please also remember to keep your ship names family friendly - this includes names that feature any form of innuendo/pun in relation to adult themed content or language.

Ship Name Requirements

  • Ship names must be no more than 20 characters long.
  • Ship names cannot contain numbers.
  • Ship names cannot start or end with a space.
  • Ship names cannot contain certain special characters.
  • Ship names should not contain trademarked content.

Note: Ship names found to be breaking the Sea of Thieves Community Code of Conduct or Xbox Code of Conduct will be liable for enforcement action resulting in the right to rename ships being revoked, in-game suspensions or permanent removal from Sea of Thieves. These actions are taken entirely at our moderators' discretion.

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