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There are several reasons that this can appear.

  • The servers are down for maintenance. If this is the case, we'll get everyone back in and playing as quickly as possible! Details of server maintenance and downtimes are communicated via several of our social media channels including Twitter and Discord.
  • The client version of the game has become out of sync with the server - caused by a newer game version being deployed. Doing a hard reset of the Xbox, followed by re-downloading the client can resolve the issue for Xbox users, or for PC users you should go to the Microsoft Store and download the latest updates.
  • Antivirus/firewall settings, proxy servers, or other network management/manipulation tools. 

For Steam - We have had reports that re-linking your Xbox Live account to Steam can successfully solve this issue. Please see the article below for the steps involved:

This action can be completed when at either the 'Start Game' screen or Main Menu. Simply clicking 'Sign Out' from these screens (or pressing the X key in the main menu) will prompt you whether you wish to sign out of Xbox Live. Clicking Yes will complete the unlinking process and return you to the 'Start Game' screen where you can sign in to another account.

Steam - How to link / unlink an Xbox Live account

For Windows Store and Steam – Another possible solution is to attempt the following as this has helped solve other connection issues:

1- Open Internet Explorer. 
2- Go to settings (cog icon from top right corner) and select Internet Options.
3- Click on the Advanced tab.
4- In the Security section, as shown in the photo, untick SSL 3.0 and ensure TLS 1.2 is ticked. Hit Apply and OK to close.


For Windows Store and Steam - Another factor could be related to your firewall. We have had reports that toggling your firewall on/off may resolve the issue. Alternatively, ensure you allow the Sea of Thieves executable file through your firewall.

If this issue persists (especially for Steam users), releasing the Xbox credentials may assist - click here for more details.


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