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Athena's Fortune XP displaying incorrect level, preventing purchases of promotions
Updated : 22/02/2024
Some players are experiencing crashes to dashboard when launching the game on Xbox consoles
Updated : 28/02/2024
Issues using Keyboard & Mouse on Xbox consoles
Updated : 20/02/2024
PC - How to change the version of Direct3D following the February update
Updated : 19/02/2024
Lost Shipment Voyages – Xbox Series S/X consoles displaying black squares on map
Updated : 19/02/2024
Players are unable to launch Sea of Thieves on an External HDD (Xbox Series S/X)
Updated : 19/02/2024
Players are unable to update the Microsoft Store version of Sea of Thieves (PC)
Updated : 19/02/2024
Game Invites - Players in extended sessions may find they are unable to invite others into their crew
Updated : 19/02/2024
Emporium – Ship Renaming Deed cannot initially be used after purchase
Updated : 19/02/2024
Commendations – Servants of the Flame and Guardians of Fortune commendations not increasing after completing the correct actions in-game
Updated : 19/02/2024
Performance – Players on Xbox One console may experience extended black screens when entering or exiting an Hourglass battle
Updated : 19/02/2024
Unable to purchase promotions despite meeting level requirements / receiving no XP from a letter of recommendation
Updated : 01/02/2024
Persistent Lavender Beard Error on Xbox Consoles
Updated : 25/01/2024
Achievements have been temporarily disabled
Updated : 19/02/2024
(RESOLVED) Commendations – After completing the commendation “My Booming Bones”, incorrect text is shown for the commendations description in the Pirate Log
Updated : 19/02/2024
(RESOLVED) Emporium – The Boarhunter Weapon Bundle displaying the incorrect bundle name
Updated : 19/02/2024
(RESOLVED) HUD – Crew status icons are not displaying during certain actions of combat
Updated : 19/02/2024
I have previously completed The Legend of Monkey Island Tall Tales, but did not get the cosmetics.
Updated : 30/11/2023
How to redeem perks from Game Pass Ultimate
Updated : 13/07/2023
Captain's Logbooks content appears blurry / washed out
Updated : 12/04/2023
Steam - Accessing wallpapers/soundtrack included in Sea of Thieves: Deluxe Edition
Updated : 15/03/2023
Stability – Reduced Server Performance
Updated : 16/11/2023
(UPDATED) Combat – Ranged & Melee Weapon Hit Detection
Updated : 19/10/2023