Required supporting evidence when submitting to the Sea of Thieves team

When reporting another player, it is important that we receive as much supporting evidence as possible regarding the incident so that we can successfully identify the culprit, and then take the appropriate action when required. This includes:

  • The offending users Gamertag.
  • Full details of the incident
  • Supporting images and / or video clips of the incident.

What to screenshot / record?

To successfully identify and take action against another user, we require one or more of the following:

  • Un-edited fullscreen Screenshot(s) of the offending in-game text chat with clear visibility of the Gamertag which you are reporting.
  • Video(s) of the player on-screen with the voice indicator above their pirate's head whilst they are being toxic.
  • Clear evidence showing a player 'cheating'.

If the supplied video is of some length, please include a time-stamp of where in the video the incident you are reporting takes place to assist our Player Support agents in finding the content.


Useful links:

How to capture screenshots / videos using the Xbox app on PC.
How to capture screenshots / videos on your Xbox One console.
Blocking Players Voice and Text Chat


Please Note: Any direct Xbox Live messages that have been sent to you by another player, please report to Microsoft. To do this please continue to  'How to report a player through Xbox Live'

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